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Nighthawk just a boy one day and a killer and outlaw the next. Instead of tending his father’s cattle and saving to build a ranch of his own, he was fleeing into the desert. It wasn’t the path he had chosen. When he killed those two lawmen, he thought they were outlaws after his father…They were lawmen after his outlaw father. To protect his father, he gave up his future and fled into a bleak and lawless land.

Crazy Caloon had planned his escape from Yuma prison with great care and made his break in a powerful lightening storm. On the banks of the Gila River he tries to kill Russ for his horse and pistol. Instead they unite and join the ruthless gang of bandits led by Raasleer.

Samantha and her father and grandfather start a ranch on the edge of bandit land. Russ, upon seeing the beautiful young girl and knowing the danger she is in, becomes her secret protector. Now he wants to find a way to get back on the right side of the law. In a final battle for survival and to save Samantha, Crazy Caloon and Russ must fight Raasleer’s fierce band of outlaws.

From – NIGHTHAWK: "The rhythm of Russ’s breathing subtly changes, increasing slightly. Then the volume faded and Caloon could no longer hear it. He knew with certainty that Russ was awake, that somehow even though asleep, he had received a signal of danger and was now roused and alert.

Barely audible, muffled by Russ’s blankets and probably also by his had, Caloon heard the click of Russ’s six-gun being cocked. Caloon smiled and nodded in the blackness of the night. With his keen reflexes, Russ might survive for a short time in the dangerous world he lived in. Maybe just for a little while..."

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