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Skinner in the wild and brawling days of the outlaw gangs in the badlands of Oregon. The story brings together Skinner, the wild mustanger, and Peter Pipe, the orphan kid who know only the law of the gun.

Skinner is denied the privilege of courting beautiful Beth Manderfield by her grandfather. He turns ornery and begins drink and find fights.

Peter has lived alone, since his father’s death, for three years on Lost Mountain in the middle of the Alvord desert. He knows little of the laws of men and women in their towns. He knows only what his father has taught him, how to use a gun.

Skinner comes from his horse herd to Westfall to drink and carouse.

Peter brings his small herd of cattle to the town to sell and use the money to buy a ranch. When the cattle don’t bring enough money to buy a ranch, there is only one thing to do. He robs a bank and flees into the desert.

French the leader of a fierce and ruthless band of robbers and murders kidnap the beautiful Beth and carry her into the harsh badlands to wait for the ransom money to be paid.

Beth’s grandfather knows that only one man can rescue Beth, that man is Skinner.

Taking up the trail, Skinner pursues the gang of murdering kidnappers who has the woman he loves.

On the blazing Alvord Desert, Skinner comes upon the bank robber Peter Pipe. They join forces to rescue Beth. It is either kill all of the bandits or be killed.

From – SKINNER : The man remained silent, measuring Skinner. His hand had slipped an inch closer to his pistol.

“Now, my name is Skinner and all the horses in this valley belong to me. Part of them are branded. I’ll let it go this time and just mark it up to ignorance on your part that you tried to take my horses, if you just turn them loose and ride out.

“Like hell I will. No man rides up like this and takes wild horses I’ve caught.”

“I suggest you ride into Westfall and ask about this band of horses before you take it on yourself to get mean,” Skinner said.

“I don’t have to ride anywhere or talk with anybody. These horses are going with me to Burns.”

“You’re only going to hell if you try that,”

The man swiftly plunged his hand for his pistol. Skinner shot from the level of his waist without raising the rifle to his shoulder. At the close range the heavy slug slammed the man backward from the saddle. His feet came free of the stirrups and his slack and lifeless body tumbled to the hard ground with a thump.

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