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Wife Stealer

A Novel

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Wife Stealer has smashed Vicksburg and cut open the heart of the Confederate States. Still the war rages on. For some men the fighting was over, men like Captain Evan Payson and Ben Hawkins both badly wounded. Ben was struck in the face with a cannon ball and is horribly disfigured. Evan has but one lung, the other shot away. Ben has become the ugliest horse thief in Texas. Riding south of the border and stealing the famous Valdes horses and selling them in Texas.

Only one woman remembers Ben before the war and his wound and still loves him. However, while Ben was away in the war, she became the sixth, and the youngest, wife of a man in Ben’s home town of Canutillo, Texas. She has tried to escape from her husband, but is caught.

Evan falls in love with the lovely Rachel. Through a trick and a lie, she has been claimed by another man.

Ramos Valdes, a most powerful man in Mexico, stole a beautiful woman from north of the border years ago. Now his two sons come north to steal brides for themselves. They kidnap Maude and Rachel and carry them into Mexico.

To possess their loves, Ben and Evan must fight the men north of the border claiming Rachel and Maude, and the men who now hold them prisoners south of the border. They ride across the border to fight Ramos and his fierce pistoleros.

From - Wife Stealer : "Eat fast," Ben said to Evan and thinking about the short Mexican who had given the score of men in the cantina a look-over and had left. "I don't like the feel of this place."

"What's wrong?" Evan asked.

"No time to talk. Just eat." Ben was damn hungry and he quickly cut a large bite of his steak and began to chew, savoring the food.

As he took a drink of beer to wash down the meat, four bearded Mexicans came in from the street. One was the short man who had left a few minutes earlier. The man in the lead was tall, with narrow shoulders and a long, sharp face. He stopped, and as he swept the room with his eyes, his comrades came up to stand beside him.

Ben spoke in a low, tense voice. "Evan, we’ve got trouble. Shoot that short man on the right side of the tall one. Shoot all of them.”

Evan looked at Ben, not sure he had heard correctly. Ben's eyes gleamed a feline yellow in the lamplight. Then they narrowed.

"Shoot!" Ben hissed. He came swiftly to his feet, and his six-gun boomed, exploding the silence in the cantina. The rapid boom of his shots blended into one continuous roar.

Evan sat stunned at the sudden explosion of violence.

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